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Dance Studio & Company Founded By Akia Deyvon

Award winning dance company of 8 years and studio of 3 based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We welcome artists of all levels as well as aspiring professionals of the performing arts community within our company! 


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Our Mission

Creative Reaction Company is a dance company that studies the styles of hip-hop, contemporary, modern, & jazz. We focus on overall performance development, technique, and foundations specializing in the performing arts field and entertainment industry. We also pride ourselves as a company on growth, unity, diversity and inclusion.


The company’s goal is to enhance and elevate each member’s performance by guiding and training them through the study of dance. CRC encourages and pushes each dancer within our studio to strive towards being at their personal best.


Some of our teams often test their skills by participating in selective competitions around the country. We are more than a dance company, we acquire a family oriented dynamic with one another while working very hard to maintain the caliber the company is expected to arise to.

We aspire to inspire through our natural gift and talents!

Our Teams


Creative Reaction

Creative Reaction is the competitive commercial hip-hop team within the company. Creative Reaction has dominated the east coast competition scene while prepping our students for the commercial industry.

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Creative Contemp.

Creative Contemp's mission is to provide expert dance training within the styles of contemporary, modern and jazz. Our goal is to enhance our student's overall technique and performance while also embarking on the competitive world.

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Training Program

The goal for our training program students is to gain versatility in skillset for our dancer's at the beginner-intermediate level with hip-hop. We introduce new vocabulary, concepts, and movement within the style of hip-hop dance.

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Reaction Kidz
(Ages 5-10)

Our newly launched kids hiphop program will offer guarantee quality training for our youth dancers that wishes to find their light and power in the hip-hop field of dance. We desire to build our young artists into true dynamic PERFORMERS

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(Ages 11-16)

Our newly launched juniors/teens competitive group will offer quality training and preparation for the stage at an intermediate-advance level. Beyond dance our students will learn everyday life essentials to prepare this next generation for potential dance careers and or leadership.

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Akia Deyvon Williams began Creative Reaction as a high school dance crew in the year of 2009. He named the crew Creative Reaction because in highschool his favorite pair of sneakers where he felt the most confident and electric to dance in was Creative Recreations.


Some may find it a silly story but, he used to make sure to switch into his Creative Recreations whenever it was time for a rehearsal/practice. He also found a play in the words by stating that whenever Creative Reaction concludes a performance, he wants to be sure to leave the audience with a creative reaction!

Dance is at the heart of all that we do.

See our media page for more entertainment!


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